Wednesday, August 20, 2014

White Geranium

I've been spritzing this in every room!

The White Company's White Geranium Room spray is a summer scent with serene floral notes. White Geranium combines the relaxing herb notes of soothing lavender and tranquil eucalyptus with warmth of aromatic geranium and the pretty mix of soft rose and thyme. So it's not too sweet, but rather refreshing and recharging.

ps. it's been raining in Budapest all day, but now it has finally stopped and the city is ready for the annual massive fireworks of Szent Istvan's Day at 9pm!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


There are several Vapianos in Budapest - at least one in the city center, one in Westend shopping mall and one in Mom Park shopping mall. The concept is based on self-service - you get a credit card type of card, go to the food stalls, choose what you want to eat and drink and show your card. 

The variety is actually pretty good, not only pizza and pasta as I first thought. Everything is prepared when you make the order so there's nothing standing there for hours. My favorite is - surprise, surprise - Caesar salad with or without chicken, both goes. The portion is not too small not too huge and the ingredients are fresh and you can see while they prepare it. 
When you are leaving the place you go to the cashier at the entrance, show the given card and pay what it shows. 

Easy and fast - well, not so fast if you're there at lunch time... but easy anyway. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Budapest Bike

If you've been to Budapest this summer you must have seen these bright green bikes everywhere around the city, perhaps not in use but in the bicycle pits. 
I was so happy when I first saw that one of the pits is just next to my home, but not so happy as I haven't been able to rent any bike. You need to register at Mol gas station before you can rent a bike, but it's not possible to register any more... A thousand or so were allowed to register and test the bikes... Probably in October a new registration period will start so until that no bicycle. 

City bike is a great idea - i hope the test period goes well and I could finally rent one for myself.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Treat

Magazines, chocolate raisins, cacao almonds, a movie & a book (will come back to that book I finished today!) - that's how I spent my Sunday.

Ps. the movie I saw tonite was "The Hundred-Foot Journey". What a delicious movie! :)
Indian food meets French cuisine.

Blue Dress

 One of ,y favorite dresses is this ark blue jersey dress. Feels like pajama! So comfy.
Oh, please, ignore my suffered feet - running, not-so-comfy sandals etc.
I know I could accessorize it much better - that's unfortunately not my strongest side.

dress - Gap
sunglasses - Prada

Friday, August 15, 2014

Lavender Nails

My this week's choice was lavender nails. Actually the name of this Max Factors's Max Effect nail polish is #34  'Juicy Plum'. The color doesn't look so plummy to me. 
Didn't want to add any glitter on it as the nails polish gives such  a gorgeous glossiness to the nails. 

Max Factor #34 Juicy Plum 
Last time wore this color I called it Lilac...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

B&W Home

Sunny morning in a black & white home in Finland. The apartment has a very nice and functional layout with 3 bedrooms, open, spacious kitchen together with a dining and living area, spacious bathroom with sauna, a small powder room, walk-in-closet, lots of storage space in the entrance hall and a balcony.

Happy Thursday!

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