Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Breakfast Smoothie

This week's favourite smoothie is this:

crushed & roasted flex seeds with sea-buckthorn
soya milk
& glutein-free granola on top

Quick & easy - and delicious!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bathroom (project part 6/7)

The bathroom was in a good shape, only needed some organizing and more storage space.
Wanted to make it more elegant and added some white items to give a fresh look and added also some black, mainly textiles, to sharpen the space up. 

Very full as you can see!

Bought a new white shower curtain (HM Home), black rug (Ikea) and laundry basket (HM Home), bottles (Clas Ohlson), mirrored cabinet with lights + extra light on top of it (Ikea). A custom made cabinet/table for the washing mashine - helps to hide it a bit and gives storage space on top.


On the opposite wall where another mirrored cabinet was placed, replaced that cabinet with 2 tall cabinets - one with a mirror door, the other one with a simple white door. In the picture there's that new tall cabinet with mirror reflecting the washing machine. Those cabinets are from Ikea. Placed some new hooks on the wall for towels. The black towels are from HM Home.

This cabinet was replaced by 2 tall cabinets. All the cleaning and washing stuff have now place in these cabinets.



Ceiling and walls were painted in white.

1. part of the project: entrance
2. part of the project: restroom
3. part of the project: bedroom
4 part of the project: living area

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Coffee Table

Saw this rustic table with wheels in a shopping mall - would be a perfect coffee table, wouldn't it?
(And probably not too difficult to make it yourself, or...?)

Friday, January 23, 2015


 One of my favourite glutein-free products is quinoa, especially red quinoa. if you boil a bigger portion in the beginning of week you can add some of it to salads etc during the week. This warm kind of salad that I made last night is delicious and easy to prepair, and you can basically add anything to it. This time I made it with these ingredients:

garlic, mushrooms, belly peppers, spinach, mozzarella, broccoli and quinoa, and seasoned it with black pepper & sea salt and fresh basil. 

2 gloves of garlic, yellow belly pepper, mushrooms & spinach...

...red quinoa...

...broccoli & mozzarella...
(I had some cooked broccoli in my fridge from the previous night)

... black pepper, sea salt & fresh basil.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sneak Peak To Joe's Kitchen (project part 5/7)

The biggest make-over happened in the kitchen area. The goal was to make it look and feel like cosy mama's kitchen. Well, the result wasn't exactly like mama's kitchen but more like a surfer guy's ultimate cooking corner, or what do you think?


Picked up some tile samples for the backsplash, but the awesome & rather extreme (and most expensive!) surfer tiles hit the jackpot.

In the box there're 2 different variations of this 8-piece tile.

Mood boards for kitchen accessories:

On the shopping list were also these:

Let's put the backsplash tiles!

Ready! And the wall is painted too. The color is Flügger's coffee brown. First had an idea to paint it black, but somehow it felt too strong or something, so chose a little softer tone.

Oh well,...so this was before...

And this is after. A new sink was not on the list but it wasn't possible to place the tap on the old one as the tap was pretty heavy. Had to find one without any tap hole on it. Tap was placed on the counter top so it's now more stable.

New led lights under the cabinets.

The neon sign is a custom made piece. It is completely red but my camera could only see it this way... It took some time to find a company which could deliver a sign with this size, with this font and colour. There are only five persons in Hungary who can blow these kinds of glass tubes. Were lucky to find one of them quite near Budapest.

I think the neon sign is quite a statement piece.

There was no table in the kitchen so designed a bar table there and added 4 poeces of bar chairs as well. The table with wooden top and metal legs was made by a carpenter, but the surface didn't look exactly how I had planned it, so waxed it in dark brown and it looked perfect. 
The same carpenter made also a cupboard around the old fridge, and now there's place for some cleaning stuff as well. 

The kitchen has a totally new look without changing the cabinets or countertop. 
Talked to Joe the other day and he seemed to be very pleased with his new kitchen, and rest of the home as well.

1. part of the project: entrance
2. part of the project: restroom
3. part of the project: bedroom
4 part of the project: living area

Sunday, January 18, 2015


It's weekend so sit down & relax!

(This is actually a sneak-peak of my newest staging project. Stay tune to find out more soon...)

What is home-staging?
It's not that easy to sell a home these days. Home-staging, the art of making a home look neat, stylish and inviting to a potential buyer, is the essetial first step in selling a home. If the staging is succesful you will leave a lasting impression on the home buyers and they will feel they can make that place a home. Home-staging can be anything from a little closet thinning and tidying up to a major furniture and desing overhaul.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Living Room (project part 4/7)

This is the 4th part of the interior project. The living area is together with a kitchen, but now I show you only the living room corner and later the kitchen part. 
The idea was to make this corner comfy with a cosy pub feeling - a real mancave. The greyish-brown sofa was there already, so that was the starting point. Changed slightly the layout, added curtains, cushions, a cowhide, pendant lamps and made a coffee table from old pallet (painted it dark brown, ordered a glass top and fixed four wheels). The walls have Halltex's acustic panels. 

Below some before & after pics:

Again the main thing was to to de-clutter the place.

1. part of the project: entrance
2. part of the project: restroom
3. part of the project: bedroom 

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